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Monday, February 19, 2007

Trolley Square one week later

I've not said anything more about last week's tragedy at Trolley Square but like everyone in Utah this week, I've paid attention, read and watched the news and agonized and grieved for the families that lost loved ones during the shootings. The police officers have been properly recognized for their heroic efforts including Ogden's officer, Ken Hammond.

This entire story has been very painful for everyone here. The community held a service that was attended by hundreds, one night last week and the memorial and funeral services for the deceased victims have made all the tv news programs. The family's pain and suffering has been very clear for all to see.

There's been no obvious reason for Sulejman Talovic, the 18 year old killer to have gone on his rampage, at least none that the officials are telling. They have said that he didn't own a computer or a video game console so the misplaced shooter-game-turned-real doesn't seem to have been a factor. The guy worked his full shift at his job that day, went home, showered and headed out to Trolley Square.

The news reporters have all done on-scene reports from the local gun stores where, according to the news cubs, interest in handguns for protection has risen dramatically this week, along with Concealed Firearm Permit class applications. How many citizens actually become licensed to carry a gun and do so as a result of last weeks's shooting remains to be seen but certainly there will be some new citizens carrying weapons in the future.

This has been a significant event for those of us in Utah, just as Columbine affected the citizens of Colorado and the Nickel Mine Amish schoolhouse killings affected the citizens of Pennsylvania. We all hurt and those of us that survive find a way to keep on going and growing through life. You can see a roundup of many of the stories about Trolley Square and see how our state has dealt with this crisis.

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